About the authors


Brian Mark Weller is a missionary, author, and musician with a burning passion for the Great Commission. He has ministered worldwide for over four decades, preaching the message of salvation, discipleship, and missions through teaching, music, leadership training, youth ministry, relationships, and practical service. In 2007, Brian founded Message Ministries & Missions, a missions organization active in Peru and the 10/40 Window. He has written one other book, Backsliding in Heart, and has recorded many albums of challenging Christian music. He lives with his wife, Anne, in St. Pete, Florida.


JJ Weller is a missionary and author with an immovable zeal for God’s harvest. Since 2013, he has traveled the world through Message Ministries to win the lost, call prodigals home, and train saints in biblical evangelism. He studied shortly at Fire School of Ministry in Charlotte, North Carolina, then received his B.A. in Professional and Strategic Writing from Regent University. He has written an outreach book, The Cure for Death, and has recorded one album of Christian music. He lives with his wife, Cynthia, and daughter, Autumn Hope, in St. Pete, Florida.