Recover your faith in Jesus’s world-shaking power! Learn the biblical strategies behind every great harvest of souls!

You are living in one of the greatest spiritual battles of all time. This very moment, Hell’s hordes are fighting tooth and nail to shipwreck the church, sabotage the lost, and destroy society as we know it. In the face of such crippling darkness, countless believers have accepted defeat. We might not say it aloud, but deep down, many of us have stopped believing and battling for spiritual awakening in our generation.

In Invasion of Light, mission leaders Brian and JJ Weller announce the higher call of victory in spiritual battle. It’s no time to retreat—it’s time to invade the world with the light of God’s Kingdom! Jesus can still transform whole societies if we live out our redemptive calling—but much of that good invasion must take place through everyday ambassadors in everyday situations. This stirring book unveils God’s timeless strategies for the harvest, pulling from the Bible, revival history, and decades of experience on the mission field.

In Invasion of Light, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome a “defeated” mindset
  • Live and serve from overcoming faith in Jesus’s victory
  • Find your calling as Christ’s ambassador
  • Share the gospel with anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Pray in a way that prevails with God and transforms lives
  • Succeed in biblical spiritual warfare
  • Walk in personal revival
  • And so much more!

Are you up for the challenge? If so, read on, ambassador of Heaven. Together, let’s start the invasion of light!


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